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W. Andrew Fox ("Andy Fox") is a part of the Professional Association, Gilbert & Fox Law Firm. Roger Gilbert has recovered several tens of millions of dollars for his personal injury and workers' compensation clients. Andy Fox has represented multiple hundreds of clients to their satisfaction in divorce, dependence and neglect, guardianship, conservatorship, adoption and other family law matters. Together, these two attorneys have practiced law for nearly half a century.

Roger Gilbert focuses his practice on personal injury and workers compensation. Andy Fox assists in these matters by trying the cases that do not settle. Gilbert & Fox does not have a "high volume/no trial" legal office model. Often in these high volume personal injury law firms, clients' recoveries are not maximized because insurance companies and defense attorneys know that a case will not actually go to trial if the proper settlement is not paid. Gilbert & Fox gives individual attention to each case, and will zealously pursue their clients' cases to trial, if necessary, rather than taking whatever an insurance company puts on the table.

Andy Fox focuses on family law matters. Family law is not just divorce. Family law includes any case that touches directly upon families and their relationships - divorce, parentage, adoption, guardianship, conservatorship, juvenile court matters, and the issues that people must address in these types of cases, such as child support, child custody, division of property, enforcement of decrees, military pensions, among other issues.

In addition to family law matters, Mr. Fox pursues justice and reinforcement of citizens' civil liberties through litigation in special types of civil rights matters. Mr. Fox has great interest in First Amendment, Second Amendment and religious discrimination cases. He is a charter member of the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates National Legal Advisory Council and is an ally of Alliance Defending Freedom.

Roger Gilbert and Andy Fox represent stability in a law practice. Beginning with an "of counsel" relationship in 2004, and then consolidating their practices into one location in 2007, Mr. Gilbert and Mr. Fox have worked together for over 10 years. A successful long-term working relationship between lawyers in a smaller law firm gives clients the confidence that their attorneys will not be distracted by an office constantly in transition, which is more common in offices where family law is practiced, particularly with younger family law attorneys.

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