Work With a Reputable Child Custody Attorney

Work With a Reputable Child Custody Attorney

Andy Fox can help you protect your parental rights in Knoxville or Farragut, TN

You've always got your child's best interests at heart, even when you're in the middle of a divorce. Make sure they have the financial and emotional support they need-work with a trusted child custody attorney in Farragut or Knoxville, TN.

W. Andrew Fox understands how difficult it is for parents and children during a separation. Andy Fox will work closely with you and your spouse to negotiate a fair child custody agreement.

3 things to know about child custody cases

It's best to be prepared before getting involved in a child custody negotiation. Here are three things that every parent should know about child custody law:

  • You could be granted joint or sole legal custody of your child.
  • If you're granted joint custody, you'll need to work out a visitation schedule.
  • The judge will consider many factors when making a child custody decision, such as the age and health of the child.
You can be as prepared as possible when you choose an experienced child custody attorney. Reach out to W. Andrew Fox in Farragut or Knoxville, TN today to start working on your child custody case.